3-Axes double column machining center for large molds

Doosan Machine Tools has launched a new series of 3-Axes Double Column Machining Centers (BM 1530M & BM 2035M; hereinafter, the BM Series) optimized for machining large molds.

Based on the symmetrical double-column structure, the new BM Series delivers greater rigidity and machining accuracy, coupled with thermal error compensation of the spindle and frame, which is essential for the precision machining of large and heavy molds. Furthermore, Nut-cooling-type Ball Screws have been applied to all the axes as a standard feature of the BM Series to prevent thermal error in the axis feed system, while Roller LM Guides and Linear Scales have been fitted to the X, Y and Z axes as standard features to ensure greater accuracy and rigidity for the heavy duty cutting of heavy workpieces.

A long-nose type spindle has been adopted to provide optimum support and rigidity to provide access into deep cavities in molds, whilst maintaining both heavy duty cutting performance and high quality surface roughness finishing operations.

Stable, Symmetric Double-Column Structure
The BM Series offers maximized structural rigidity with its wide column support structure. The application of finite element analysis (FEA) to the design made it possible to thoroughly analyze and eliminate unexpected problems and weak points that could reduce the machines’ capacity for high-rigidity, high-precision machining.

Thermal Error Compensation of Spindle and Frame as a Standard Feature
To compensate for thermal error, the BM Series monitors the temperature of the spindle head, bed and column with temperature sensors, and compensates thermal displacements on a real-time basis.

Nut-Cooling Ball Screws on Linear Axes as Standard Feature
The BM Series is able to minimise the thermal displacement of ball screws and bearings generated by feeding heavy workpieces on the linear axes due to the adoption of nut-cooling type ball screws and cooled support bearings as a standard feature.

Roller-type LM Guide and Linear Scales as Standard for High-Precision Machining
The X, Y and Z axes of the BM Series are equipped with Roller LM Guides for the highest precision machining, while Linear Scales have been fitted to all the linear axes for high accuracy machining during long-term operation.

Long-Nose Spindle
The long-nose-type spindles of the BM Series enable the use of shorter tools when machining large molds and deep cavities including complex profiles, further improving surface roughness and cutting capacity.

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