HAIMER attracts visitors with its high-end tool holding and clamping devices

German based high precision products solution providers for metal cutting, HAIMER is showcasing its latest tool holding, clamping and balancing machines at the India’s largest die mould exhibition, Die Mould India 2016. The company is highlighting its revolutionary tool holding devices, power clamp range of shrinking technologies and balancing machines along with other technologies.

HAIMER will showcase:

Tool Holders
HAIMER offers the right clamping technology for every industry, application and typical machining operation. Take advantage of the innovative solutions from the technology leader for tool holders.

Shrinking Technology
For years, HAIMER has been the leading developer of inductive shrink fit technology for tool holders. Rely on our broad experience and use the world’s largest range of shrink fit equipment and coils. With the Power Clamp range, HAIMER provides its shrink-fit chucks with a comprehensive and well thought out range of devices of inductive shrink fit machines. By doing so, you profit from the fact that HAIMER perfectly coordinates shrink fit machines and chucks in its own production.

Balancing Machine
With the Tool Dynamic series HAIMER offers a universal machine concept for balancing tool holders, grinding wheels and other rotors. Increase your productivity with less unbalance in your production. With the Tool Dynamic balancing machine series, HAIMER offers a comprehensive solution for the balancing of tool holders, grinding wheels and big rotors with diameters up to 800 mm. Starting from the table and complementary machine TD 1002 to the automatic balancing machine TD 2010 Automatic, HAIMER has for every need the suitable balancing machine.

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