Shyam BV, Managing Director at Blum Novotest Measuring & Testing Technology Pvt Ltd

Q) Blum-Novotest has a wide range of high-precision measuring and testing technology. Tell us more about your product offerings like the Micro Component NT, Digilog Touch Probes, Roughness Gauges, Tool Setting Probes, among others.
A) Blum-Novotest is a global leader in technology and innovation in measuring and testing technology and a reliable partner to the global machine tool, automotive and aerospace industries. Talking about our products: –

  • Blum Laser Micro Compact NT, High Speed Probe System TC 50, Z-Nano, ZX Speed & FormControl Software are our well established products in India in Part Manufacturing and Die & Mold Segments with large customer base Pan-India.
  • Blum New Technology products Roughness Gauge TC64-RG for Roughness Measurement, TC 64-DIGILOG Touch Probe with revolutionary shark360 measuring mechanism  for Workpiece Inspection & Contour Scan and Bore Gauge BG60 for Diameter Measurement are being offered to our industry.

Q) What will Blum-Novotest showcase at the upcoming show IMTEX 2017? How do you plan to leverage on the event?
A) We will be showcasing: –

  • Blum Laser Micro Compact NT, TC 50, Z-Nano, ZX Speed & Form Control Software demonstrated on the STM 850 Vertical Machining Centre
  • Blum New Technology products TC64-RG, TC 64-DIGILOG and Bore Gauge BG60 as displayed as Technology Cell on a Makino Slim3n Machine

We aim to create a strong presence in Indian industry with the help of our technology products focus on the service.

Q) Tell us something about your R&D activities.
A) Blum futuristic R&D department has innovated TC64-RG, TC 64-DIGILOG and Bore Gauge BG60 in the recent past and the same has been implemented in the manufacturing industry and industry-integrated R&D department has constant endeavor to develop high quality & reliable products to address the demands of the manufacturing sector.

Q) How is the response for such high tech solutions in the Asian market especially in India?
A) The metrology requirements in manufacturing are on a constant rise to address the tight tolerances. The automation in combination of achieving Zero defect necessarily needs to incorporate the high technology and reliable metrology.

Q) What makes Blum-Novotest unique, given the fact that there are several measuring and testing solution providers globally.
A) Blum-Novotest is a global company with synchronized operations across the world. High quality & reliable products, well-trained service team, continuous improvements, innovations, new product developments are some of the main factors that are driving manufacturing excellence globally.

Advance technology, high quality and reliability makes Blum-Novotest unique and keeps it ahead of other solution providers. The growing customer base is an evidence of the products performance and services to the customers.

Q) How is the business outlook in India?
A) Indian industry has large indigenous and overseas market, which makes Indian industry a global industry. The Make in India initiative of the government is expected to further boost the manufacturing sector.

As stated earlier, the production metrology implementation is growing exponentially and looking at the positive growth of the industry it can be said that business opportunities are on a positive trend.

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