Speroni’s MAGIS 600 helps Ultra Engineers stay ahead in competition

Ultra Engineers was founded in 1991 in Pune, Maharashtra witnessing the tremendous opportunity from the growing demand from the machine tool and manufacturing industry.

Hard work coupled with innovation and technology has led the company to success. Today, Ultra Engineers is an established name that manufactures precision and high quality heavy duty metal components for both the domestic and international market. These products are used for specific application in industries like Oil & Gas, Energy and Power, Automobile and Heavy Engineering Projects among others.

Innovation & Technology

“Our company has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovation. We do not believe in compromising on our product quality and that is why always invested in the best technology,” said George Durai, Sr. Manager Production, Ultra Engineers.

Speroni ultra

George added, “Couple of years ago we had a requirement of Tool Presetter for setting up a Boring Bar. There were many other low cost alternative solutions that could have been considered. However, Speroni Team explained to us that apart from presetting, there are lots of other aspects that have to be weighed for our process. In the beginning we were reluctant as our primary focus was only presetting. But after a detailed discussion with the team we invested in Speroni Tool Presetter (MAGIS 600) and the results were phenomenal. It not only helped us achieve our primary focus but also eased the other processes.”

“After using the machine I can say the offset time has decreased and we are getting better output,” he said.

Speroni has throughout its 50 years of history always been a leader in the field of Tool Presetting and Measurement systems and has supplied solutions to the specific demands by the customer. Today the company offers a vast line of products and solutions in the fields of Tool Preset, Measurement and Management, and Quality Inspection of the Manufacturing Process. The company aims to develop more innovative products that will help improve efficiency in the shop floor thus helping its customers run their manufacturing more profitably.

George Durai

George Durai

“Speroni machine comes with various beneficial features, but out of all the features I would like to highlight an amazing feature that is of Machine Management. We have a blend of few old and new machines and with Speroni Machine Management; all our machine errors were compensated. It also resolved several of our machine errors that were made by the unskilled operators. Speroni Team has also been co-operative and supported us with its research based efforts right from giving us the solution to select the most appropriate machine till implementing the committed result. We are happy with our decision of investing in Speroni mchine. It is a matter of pride for us to have ordered India’s Biggest Tool Presetter from Speroni,” said Mr. George.

“Revolution happens in the industry, when two innovative technology driven companies work together,” concludes Mr George.

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