Tungaloy is expanding its ISO-EcoTurn series

ISO-EcoTurn – the downsized insert series for reduced tooling costs is expanding to include VNMG inserts and holders

ISO-EcoTurn inserts, while downsized for tool economy, incorporate the identical chipbreaker geometry and thickness of regular-sized inserts to maintain the same cutting performance at a depth of cut up to 3 mm (0.12”). In conventional wisdom, when an insert is downsized the thickness of the insert is reduced as well. ISO-EcoTurn inserts, however, preserve the thickness of standard inserts in order to maintain the fracture resistance.

Thanks to reduced volume per insert, ISO-EcoTurn decreases cost per insert on a production line without compromising insert performance.

The new VNMG inserts and holders complement the existing ISO-EcoTurn series, offering a comprehensive ECO-tooling solution to the turning market. A VNMG1204 insert, among other new insert lines, is not only economical due to its reduced volume but also enables an ID turning as small as ø32 mm, versus a conventional VNMG1604 insert whose minimum ID turn-able is ø37 mm. The inserts are available in: a CVD grade T9100 for turning steel; a CVD grade T6100 and a PVD grade AH600, both for turning stainless steel; along with two cermet grades, NS9530 and GT9530. Chipbreakers for the new inserts include TSF for finishing steel, TM for semi-finishing steel, SS for finishing stainless steel, and SM for semi-finishing stainless steel. The new addition offers holders for OD and ID turnings, as well as holders with TungCap adaptations. TungTurn-Jet system is also available with holders for OD turning and with TungCap interface, which enhances swarf control and tool life through jet streaming coolant supply.


  • A comprehensive tooling solution is now possible with this addition of VNMG inserts to the existing lines of CNMG, DNMG, TNMG, WNMG, completing the ISO insert line up.
  • Small size inserts with no compromise in performance, providing an economical benefit regarding cost per insert and an ecological advantage to conserve the limited tungsten natural resource.

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